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| Kinematik Dance Theater is a blend of Pina Bausch and Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker, spiced with New York style.”– Julius Galacki, Film Director


“There is nothing like it… flashy, noisy, intellectually stimulating and most importantly, different.”- Dossier Journal

“A wonderfully weird dance…smart and quirky”- Jennifer Dwoskin, Dossier Journal

“KINEMATIK creates highly creative and clever dances that can be truly enjoyed by audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Their work is high energy and fun but it is also offers those delicious moments of surprise and awe that keep us wondering what will they do next.”- Allison Fleminger, Performance Project


“A Psychedelic Beauty.” - Jennifer Dwoskin, Dossier Journal


“KINEMATIK takes the funky and frenetic route, with the energy levels of the dancers and media technicians at 110%.”- Jennifer Dwoskin, Dossier Journal


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