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Dance Theater Performance choreographed for and performed by KINEMATIK Dance Theater. 

| 6 performers | performance lenght 60min |

Concept & Choreography: Svea Schneider in collaboration with Katrin Blantar & the dancers

Video: Shraddha Borawake


Perfect Prototype is a surreal and comedic comment on the representation of women in media and popular culture in the 21st century. The piece is inspired by a society that crazes for perfect body aesthetics and is marked by celebrity worship and plastic surgery obsession. Perfect Prototype creates an illusion that blurs the lines between reality and artificiality. The piece features live dancers, cameras, display mannequins, plastic body limbs and a wanna-be pop star diva. Dancers and mannequins are indistinguishable as limbs multiply, morph and divide. Inventing new corporeal forms, this piece challenges existing notions about the fragmentation of beauty within society and media

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