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Multi-Media Dance Performance created in collaboration with Katrin Blantar & Shraddha Borawake. 

| 3 performers | performance lenght 12 min |

Concept: Svea Schneider in collaboration with Katrin Blantar & Shraddha Borawake

Choreography & Performance: Svea Schneider, Marie Paldrup & Eriko Tsubosaka 

Video: Shraddha Borawake


Inspired by words and sentences overheard on the street, Conversation Pieces is a humorous and quirky interpretation of fragmented segments of local conversations within a global context, as words are translated by bodies, movement and video. Crossing geographic boundaries over three continents, KINEMATIK collaborates with Austria based choreographer Katrin Blantar and India based video and multi-media artists Shraddha Uday Borawake, to create Conversation Pieces, a multi-disciplinary attempt to contextualize broken off pieces of sentences overheard on the street of NYC, Vienna and Pune.


Performed at: Crossing Boundaries Festival, Dixon Place/NYC, Hollywood Fringe Festival

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