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INSEKTA (2012)

Dance Theater Performance created during the Performance Project Artist Residency. Choreographed & performed by  KINEMATIK Dance Theater. In Collaboration with Kristina Martinez, Cheng - I - Weng and the dancers. 


KINEMATIK Dance Theater ventures into the bustling world of beetles, spiders, ants, and fireflies with the performance of INSEKTA, a dance exploration of the intricate and complex microorganisms that surround us. Insects represent over 90% of multicellular life on earth, dominating the biological spectrum with over 100 million species. Collaborating with technology artist Cheng-I-Wang, KINEMATIK explores the diversity and metamorphic cycles of insects through dance, motion detection projections and the diverse use of props. Fusing technology with the movement vocabulary of Breakdance, House, Vogue and contemporary modern dance, KINEMATIK creates a unique and visually stimulating dance performance.

| 8 performers | performance lenght 60min | 

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