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I am a dancer, performing artist, choreographer and dance educator. I create multi-disciplinary and socially engaging dance for theater, screen, stage and the public space. I use the body, visual imagery, technology and props to create thought provoking and visually stimulating dance experiences. My work is dynamic and highly visually driven, often exploring topics of identity, gender, feminism, technology, media culture and site-specific public space. Having been trained in contemporary dance as well as urban dance, I often incorporate different dance styles, building a new and approachable visceral movement language. My work emphasizes liveliness, authenticity and transformation and aims to allow the audience to have an experience to feel, rather than to sit and watch. I create dance theater, site-specific performances, dance installations, dance films and multi-disciplinary performances and am passionate about dance and its ability to empower people, communities and societies. I am passionate about bringing dance into the public, exposing new audiences, interacting and creating community in an imediate and experiental way. I  create art because I just have to create. Images of new work flood my mind. Like every artist, my goal is to make good art. What is good art? For me good art is something tangible in form of a performance, a painting, a piece of writing etc. But it is also something intangible, which in a larger context is more important to me. This intangibility of art is the connection with people, with a community, with a society. It means a working process that investigates, that critically examines our mode of existence. A process which asks questions and sometimes has answers, but through all of that, a process which inspires and builds confidence and trust in people and communities. I am passionate about making art that empowers, that awakens creativity and builds a safe space for people to explore their creative voice and human potential. An honest process that connects with people through kindness, support and creativity is so integral to my work and of course as a passionate artist I also want to create an artistic excellent product. Through hard work, drive and dedication I have had the honor to create and show my work nationally and internationally and engage with communities through classes and workshops. My 2 year stay in Peru, working as the artistic director and choreographer of the non-profit dance organization D1 Dance in Lima, which succesfully empowers children and young adults through dance, has had a great impact on me. I am grateful be able to connect with people through my artistic practice and to live a creative life and continue my art each day. 

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