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Site-specific dance performance created & performed for the formalizARTe Festival in Barranco/Lima.

                       | 4 dancers | performance length 35 min |

Concept & Choreography: Svea Schneider

life_lines is a site-specific dance performance that moves through the streets of the neighborhood Barranco in Lima/Peru, and activates different public spaces, frequently used for recreation, through movement, dance & sound. Barranco is a top tourist destination and also the former battleground of the peruvian-chilean war, making it a witness of many lives lost. Looking at the public space as physical encyclopedia of history, life_lines explores different layers of meaning and the symbolic nature & juxtaposition of a tourist destination built on top of a ‘cemetery’. life_lines moves through different sites, symbolically activating the lost souls in the earth and honoring ancestral life by dragging 600 meters of fabric between the streets, engaging with each public site in a physical & symbolic way, and touching upon questions about our existence, destiny and ancestral identity.

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