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Multi-Media Dance Performance created for the Andanzas International Dance Festival in Lima/Peru

| Solo performance | performance lenght 18 min |

Concept, Choreography & Performance: Svea Schneider

Sound & Projection: MoVan, Malaki


The Chamber of Inner Dialogue is a multi-media dance performance that dives into the constant chatter that goes on in our head, and explores the surreal world of what happens inside our mind when we “mentalese”, speaking to ourselves in our mind. Through projections, spoken word and movement, it lays open the internal dialogue when confronted with our inner critic, inner advisor and admirer. Employing visual, physical and verbal language, The Chamber of Inner Dialogue draws upon different philosophical and psychological ideas of Self, and invites the audience to participate in the fleeting reality created by and in our minds. Using projections of a fragmented and deconstructed face as a symbol for our permanent inner voice and the fluctuations of the mind, this choreographic exploration investigates different dualities between what is real and created, actual and virtual, thinking and feeling, fragmentation and wholeness and analyzes the self-other-mind-world relationship through continuous verbal comments as well as subtle and not so subtle facial signals through which we express ourselves silently. The Chamber of Inner Dialogue premiered at the ANDANZAS International Dance Festival at the ICPNA theater in September 2015.


Performed at: Andanzas International Dance Festival, ICPNA Teatro Lima/Peru

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